Wallet SDK

Secure management of Decentralized Identifiers and Records.
The Wallet SDK allows your users to create password-protected encrypted wallets for their sensitive Decentralized Identity data. With a wallet, your users can create new local DIDs, manage their metadata and manage any non-secrets data (Records) - allowing users to easily handle any of their DIDComm-related data, Verifiable Credentials, and much more. The Wallet SDK ensures your users' DI data is protected by encrypting all wallet data on their devices.

Key Features

Protect your users' Decentralized Identity data with encrypted and password protected wallets.
Allow your users to create, store, and view their local DIDs, and manage the metadata they may wish to securely store with their DIDs in their wallet.
Allow your users to generate and store standalone verification key pairs.
Provide your users with general non-secrets data management in the wallet with records.

Next Steps

  • Integrate the Wallet SDK into your iOS and Android applications