Filtering Results
Operations that support filtering allow you to reduce the set of records returned to those matching specific criteria specified in the filter. Each filterable API call will support one or more options that can be filtered. The following rules can be applied as a filter:
    equals: input equals property (==).
    notEquals: input does not equal property (!=).
    lessThanOrEquals: input is less than or equal to property (<=).
    lessThan: input is less than property (<).
    greaterThanOrEquals: input is greater than or equal to property (>=).
    greaterThan: input is greater than property (>).
    contains: property contains input.
    notContains: property does not contain input.
    between: property exists between inputs low and high.
    beginsWith: property begins with input (/^/).
Cache support for filtering is extremely limited. Calling a filter on a cache API call is superfluous and will not yield the expected results. Calls specifying cacheOnly and a filter will only return previously cached calls matching the same input criteria. For more information, see here.
If a nil or null filter input, or all filter properties are nilor null no filtering will be performed and the full set of results will be returned (conforming to the limit property if it exists).
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