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The Sudo Platform is a powerful collection of identity-centric SDKs that can be seamlessly integrated into your products to help your users regain control over their data, their identity, and their privacy.

Why use the Sudo Platform?

‌We believe that everyone should have control over their personal data. They should decide what details they share, with whom, and when. The Sudo Platform makes it easy to empower your users, giving them back control over their personal information.

‌Consumers are exposed to a growing and increasingly sophisticated collection of privacy and cyber-safety vulnerabilities, putting their personal identity and data at great risk. There has also been a power-shift, with consumers trusting a small number of tech giants to be stewards over their identities and personal data.

‌Many organizations have realized that protecting user data is not just a matter of breach prevention. There is now an increasing obligation to build apps and products that place privacy at their heart.

The Sudo Digital Identity

To empower users to better protect their personal identity, we’ve created the Sudo Digital Identity, also simply called a Sudo. A Sudo is a digital identity that lets your users interact with other people and organizations while protecting their personal data.

Most Sudo Platform features are built around the Sudo. Sudos lie at the very heart of the Sudo Platform. Your users can create multiple Sudos by leveraging our Sudo Platform products, protecting them from inadvertently disclosing their personal details.

People are already used to the idea that they shouldn’t mix their work and personal identities. Sudos take this approach one step further, allowing users to create a different identity for every activity they do. We refer to this as compartmentalization, and it’s a great way to improve safety and security online.

Learn more about Sudo Digital Identities on the Sudo Platform.

Built for Decentralized Identity

The identity landscape is rapidly changing. Emerging Decentralized Identity standards are starting to provide powerful tools for users to take control over their identities.

Sudos are a bridge between the traditional and Decentralized Identity worlds. Sudos are designed to operate with traditional services while being fully interoperable with Decentralized Identity. Sudos are designed to fully support key elements of Decentralized Identity, such as DIDs, verifiable credentials, decentralized key management, passwordless login and peer-to-peer communications.

In addition, as Decentralized Identity technologies mature, the Sudo Platform will continue to provide greater integration with Decentralized Identity, through technologies such as cloud agents, secure storage hubs, peer-to-peer messaging, etc.

As a Sovrin Steward and member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), Anonyome Labs is strongly committed to integrating Decentralized Identity standards and protocols into the Sudo Platform and making Sudo Digital Identities fully compatible with Decentralized Identity.

Learn more about Decentralized Identities on the Sudo Platform.

How to Get Started

For the best introduction to the Sudo Platform, check out our Getting Started guide, which will get you up and running in just a few simple steps.

Interested in learning how Sudo Platform would best integrate into your existing product? Request a demo with one of our solution architects.

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