Edge Agent SDK

Decentralized Identity Connection, Verifiable Credential and Proof Presentation management for mobile agents.

The Edge Agent SDK allows your users to engage in Decentralized Identity protocols and securely manage their sensitive Decentralized Identity data. The SDK supports connection establishment, verifiable credential acceptance and storage, and credential presentation using Aries RFCs. With more to come in the near future.

Key Features

Construct and run an Edge Agent to easily access Decentralized Identity flows and receive incoming messages automatically.

Protect your users' Decentralized Identity data with encrypted and password protected wallets.

Establish secure end to end encrypted connections with Decentralized Identity peers.

View and manage the set of secure connections with peers.

View credentials being offered by issuers, and accept them.

View and manage the set of verifiable credentials owned by the agent.

Respond to proof requests from verifiers, allowing for owned verifiable credentials to be presented and verified.

Next Steps

  • Integrate the Edge Agent SDK into your iOS and Android applications

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