The digital identity for the modern age

A Sudo (pronounced sue-doh) is a digital identity that helps your users protect themselves against the constant risks of privacy threats and security breaches. Sudo digital identities let your users interact with other people and services while protecting against the misuse of their personal data and legal identity information.

We live in a world of data-brokering, targeted ads, and digital profiling. Malicious use of personal information has created distrust and reduced feelings of cyber safety. Sudos give control back to your users, helping protect them so they feel safe online again.

Key Features


Your users can create a different Sudo digital identity for each purpose, such as shopping, social media, or dating. This minimizes how much of their personal information is shared with other people or services and makes data aggregation and identity fraud harder.


Sudos allow your users to alter any part of their identity, such as phone numbers, email addresses and virtual credit cards. The Sudo Platform makes it incredibly easy to integrate our privacy-preserving capabilities into all your products.


Your users might have many reasons to want to change their digital identity, including data breaches, unscrupulous data trading, and aggressive marketing. Sudos are designed to be easy to delete or update if needed.

Next Steps

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