Virtual Cards

Providing a private and secure shopping experience for your users.

The Virtual Cards SDK allows you to offer virtual credit cards to your users. Your users can create virtual cards whenever they need to. They can shop securely, keep track of all their transactions, and control their spending, safe in the knowledge their details will remain private. Give your users total peace of mind and intuitive compartmentalization of their online shopping.

Credit cards give retailers (and banks) a powerful way to track users and their spending habits. This data is often used and sold without the user knowing or understanding the consequences it may later bring.

Key Features

Your users can fund their Virtual Cards directly from a bank account from a debit or credit card.

Your users can create and cancel cards whenever they want. This is particularly useful to block unwanted/unauthorized automatic renewal payments.

Purchase Limits

Your users can set monthly spending limit on each virtual card (coming soon). This reduces their risk if someone steals their details, and also helps them stay in control of their finances.

Let your users keep control of their payments with a detailed transaction history. They can see exactly what transactions they have made, along with the payment status and details of the merchant.

Before issuing any virtual cards to a user, you must use the Secure ID Verification SDK to confirm their identity.

Next Steps

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