Virtual Cards Simulator
Providing simulation of virtual card transactions.
The Virtual Cards Simulator SDK provides a way to simulate the use of virtual cards at merchants. You can test the behavior of your application's handling of virtual card authorizations, debits, refunds and reversals with a pre-defined set of merchants.

Key Features

Create a simulated authorization of a payment that will allow a virtual card to be debited up to a fixed amount.
Incremental Authorizations
Simulate the increase of the amount of a payment authorization.
Authorization Expiry
Simulate an authorization expiring.
Simulate a debit by a merchant against a virtual card associated with an authorization.
Simulate a refund of a debit by a merchant.
Simulate the reversal of a debit.
Use a set of merchants pre-defined in the simulator. These merchants have a variety of merchant category codes to simulate users purchasing different types of goods and services.
Conversion Rates
Use a set of currency conversion rates pre-defined in the simulator.

Next Steps

    Integrate the Virtual Cards Simulator SDK into your iOS or Android applications.
    Learn more about Sudo digital identities and other core concepts.
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