VPN Entitlements

The Sudo Platform entitlements system is used to control consumption of Sudo Platform resources and the VPN service integrates with this system.

Access to the VPN service is controlled at the user level and users are either entitled to use the VPN capability or they are not.

Read more about the Sudo Platform entitlements system and how to integrate with it in the Entitlements section of the Sudo Platform documentation.

The following table describes the entitlement used to control access to the VPN service:



Whether or not user is entitled to use the Sudo Platform VPN service.

Retrieving Entitlements Information

To determine whether a user is entitled or whether they have consumed that entitlement, call the getEntitlementsConsumption API in the Entitlements SDK. This will return an EntitlementsConsumption object that specifies both the user's entitlements level across all entitled Sudo Platform services and how much of each entitlement has been consumed.

Read more about the getEntitlementsConsumptionAPI available in the Entitlements SDK user API here.

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