Ad/Tracker Blocker

Blocking advertising and user tracking to create a safe browsing experience for your users.

Ad/Tracker Blocker

The Ad/Tracker Blocker SDK allows you to offer your users a safe browsing experience by enabling you to block advertisements and tracking requests in the browser. Users can add exemptions to the blocking rules to disable blocking on the sites they choose. Because the patterns used to block advertisements and tracking requests are constantly changing, protecting users from advertisers and data collection companies is a constant challenge. The Ad/Tracker Blocker SDK and service provide the latest up-to-date blocking techniques and patterns in a package that is easy to integrate into your applications.

Key Features

Automatic updates of blocking techniques

The Ad/Tracker Blocker service automatically updates the blocking techniques and patterns based on the latest open source databases to stay ahead of the advertisers and data tracking companies.

Per User Exceptions

Each user can exempt sites from ad tracker blocking by adding them to the "exceptions list", giving them control over their browsing experience.

High Speed Matching

The blocking engine is highly optimized to minimize the impact on the user's browsing experience.

Next Steps

  • Integrate the Ad/Tracker Blocker SDK into your web, iOS and Android applications

  • Learn more about Sudo digital identities and other core concepts

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