Redeeming Entitlements

Entitlements API for redeeming user entitlements

A federated user must be registered with the Sudo Platform entitlements service before they can access other entitled services in their environment. This process is called redeeming entitlements.

Entitlement redemption must occur the first time a federated user signs in to the Sudo Platform. However, it is an idempotent operation and subsequent calls will have no effect.

The redemption operation uses information in the user's identity token and takes no parameters.

  do {
    let redeemed = try await entitlementsClient.redeemEntitlements()
    // Handle success
  catch(let error) {
    // Handle error

The redeemEntitlements method returns the user's entitlements. See the API Reference for details of the returned structure.


The redeemEntitlements API will throw errors in the the following circumstances:

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