Password Manager

Providing a safe and secure way to manage credentials for your users.

The Password Manager SDK allows you to offer your users all the features of a modern password manager application, with the flexibility to create the ideal experience for your customers. Passwords can be a serious security vulnerability for many people. Creating and using unique, secure passwords for each site can be challenging, so people fall into the trap of creating weak passwords or re-using the same ones across multiple sites. The Sudo Platform provides an easy-to-use and convenient password manager that will enable your users to create, store and use secure passwords in a way that seamlessly integrates with their digital identities.

Key Features

Encrypt your user's vault items with the user's master password and secret code on the client side and never send over the raw vault items.

Protect your users' vault data with multi-factor authentication, including secure remote password (SRP) comprised of the user's master password and secret code.

Provide your users with a multi-platform solution for storing all their sensitive data, such as login credentials, generated passwords, credit cards, and bank account info.

Encourage healthy password hygiene by allowing users to quickly and securely generate strong, unique passwords for each login credential they create.

Assist your users in securely backing up and storing their master password and secret code, the two critical components to accessing and decrypting their sensitive password vault data.

Next Steps

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