Relay SDK

Providing a scalable relay for your decentralized communications.

The Relay SDK allows your users to receive messages from their peers. Your users can create, enable, disable and delete a postbox whenever they need to. They can receive notifications of received messages, and retrieve and delete those messages as required.

‌Decentralized identity relays allow for messages to be sent to your users even when they are offline. Relays receive and store messages for when your users come back online. The Relay SDK lets your users set up a persistent endpoint for peers to send messages to, regardless of the users' network availability.

Key Features

Give your users their own postbox that is dedicated to storing their messages.

Read messages stored in the postboxes.

Receiving real-time messages arriving into a user's postbox from peers is made easy.

Next Steps

  • Integrate the Relay SDK into your iOS and Android applications

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