Virtual Cards Transaction Velocity Constraints

The maximum value of transactions on virtual cards and the rate at which spending can occur on virtual cards are collectively controlled by policies called transaction velocity constraints.

Velocity constraints are applied at the user level and also at the level of the individual funding source.

The effective constraint is the most restrictive of each of these policies and may be obtained by querying the transactionVelocity property of the Funding Source object. The effective velocity applicable to virtual cards funded by a particular velocity is calculated every time you retrieve that funding source.

For example, if the user level policy specifies a maximum transaction value of D 100.00 and the funding source being used to fund a transaction specifies a maximum transaction value of USD 75.00 then the applicable maximum is USD 75.00.

Similarly, if the user level velocities in force are USD 100/day and USD 300/week and the funding source velocities are USD 200/3 days and USD 1000/month then all of the constraints are applied: USD 100/day, USD 200/3 days, USD 300/week and USD 1000/month.

See Manage Funding Sources for information on retrieving funding source information.

To obtain the overall user level transaction velocities, see Configuration Data.

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