Unlock the power of email within your products.

The Email SDK allows you to offer your users email communication while preserving their privacy. The Sudo Platform makes it effortless to integrate email address creation, along with sending and receiving email messages within new or existing products. This enables your users to have unique email addresses for different situations, contexts, or roles. In turn, this compartmentalization of their personal information and communications helps keep them safe online.

Email has become so ubiquitous that an email address is now synonymous with a user's identity. More and more services and applications require a user to share their email address alongside their other personal data. This coupling of an email address with personal identity carries significant privacy and security implications. If these are left unchecked, they expose users to significant threats such as identity theft, social engineering, account takeovers, doxing, and more.

Key Features



​Email Addresses​

Give your users their own email addresses that work just like any other email address but with the privacy and security benefits of a Sudo.

​Send and Receive Emails​

There are countless ways to integrate email sending and receiving into your product in ways that enhance a user's privacy.

Next Steps