Simulate Debits

Simulate a charge from a merchant to a virtual card.

A debit is a request by a merchant to charge a virtual card. The debit must be associated with a previously created authorization.

Create a Simulated Debit

A simulated debit is created by calling the simulate debit API and supplying the identifier of the authorization and the amount to be debited.

The authorizationId is the identifier of an authorization that was created by calling the Create a Simulated Authorization API. The amount supplied as input is expressed as a multiple of the smallest unit of currency the merchant accepts. For example if the currency is US dollar then the amount is the number of US cents.

An example implementation of creating a simulated debit is:

try {
  const result = await simulatorClient.simulateDebit({
    amount: 1200,
} catch (error) {
  // Handle error

This API call creates a simulated charge against a virtual card. If an exception occurs, the error or exception will contain a description of the fault that caused the exception.

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