Cloud Agent SDK
Sudo Decentralized Identity Cloud Agent SDK supports the creation of schemas and credential definitions on public, Hyperledger Indy based ledgers. It also supports credential issuance and verification

Cloud Agent SDK

The Sudo Decentralized Identity Cloud Agent SDK enables you to begin development of Typescript, Cloud based, Decentralized Identity Controller applications. The SDK supports the full range of DID, Schema, and Credential Definition Creation. It also provides APIs to Issue, Hold and Verify Hyperledger Aries based credentials. The Sudo Decentralized Identity Cloud Agent SDK is based around Anonyomes fork of Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python.

Key Features

Quickly setup and takedown a local Decentralized Identity Cloud Agent development environment using docker containers (currently only MacOS)
Create, write, and rotate key pairs for Decentralized Identifers (DIDs), on Hyperledger Indy ledgers.
Create secure peer-to-peer DIDComm based connections
Create and write Schemas to Hyperledger Indy ledgers
Create and write Credential Definitions to Hyperledger Indy ledgers
​Issue Credentials​
Issue cryptographically verifiable credentials based on Credential Definitions written to Hyperledger Indy ledgers
​Hold Credentials​
Store and retreive obtained credentials
​Present Proofs​
Present proofs to verifiers using selected claims contained in Verifiable Credentials held in the Wallet.
​Verify Proofs​
Cryptographically verify presented proof claims as being issued to the presenter, by the controller of the indicated issuer DID
Revoke a previously issued credential so that it can no longer be verified after the point in time the new revocation registry accumulator is published to the ledger.

Next Steps

  • Integrate the Cloud Agent SDK into your Web and Node.js applications